Fresh New Zealand Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) pictured with a magnifying glass to show a detailed image of the mushroom


A syringe of New Zealand Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) mushroom culture. In the background of the image is fresh New Zealand Lion's Mane

Introducing: the Smart Mushroom

The Mynd Method

Our unique production formula ensures high quality, high potency


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Pure & effective ingredients

100% mushrooms — active ingredients for an impactful supplement

A jar of Mynd's New Zealand Lion's Mane mushroom powder placed next to a notebook and pen.

The Mynd Method

We have developed a cultivation technique that allows us to harvest pure mycelia. Combining the mycelia and mushroom fruiting bodies results in an extract rich in bioactive compounds. Our heat extraction process ensures bioavailability and retains a wide spectrum of beneficial compounds.

Independent tests indicate that our New Zealand Lion’s Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) mushroom extract is the first of its kind to contain both Erinacines & Hericenones.

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A jar of Mynd's NZ Lion's Mane power sits in the New Zealand forest. This is a 100% natural supplement.

Nature’s intelligence meets science

Our 2024 research programme is in development with neuroscientists at leading universities. We aim to further quantify the neurological benefits of our New Zealand Lion’s Mane.

Studies will be published upon completion.

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A zoomed up image of fresh New Zealand Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore). The one, and only ingredient of Mynd's NZ Lion's Mane mushroom extract.

100% Pure mushrooms

Our New Zealand Lion’s Mane supplement is 100% Pekepeke-Kiore mushroom extract, straight from our farm in Raglan.

Thanks to our unique cultivation technique, the Mynd Method, our mushroom extract contains both Erinacines & Hericenones. The same two dynamic bioactive compounds that are responsible for its cousin’s, Lion's Mane (Herecium Erinaceous), brain function and health benefits. Previous production methods and studies of Pekepeke-Kiore have been unable to identify the presence of Erinacines.

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A petri dish of NZ Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) mushroom culture. All of Mynd's mushrooms are cultivated and grown in Raglan, New Zealand.

Erinacines & Hericenones

These two zesty bioactive compounds are responsible for the key neurological benefits accredited to the popular Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus).

Brain health

Research suggests that these bioactive compounds stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein crucial for the growth and repair of nerve cells.

Brain function

Studies indicate that Erinacines and Hericenones can improve cognitive function, memory, focus and learning.

Brain protection

Additionally, these compounds’ neuroprotective properties help safeguard nerve cells from damage and degeneration.

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A jar of Mynd New Zealand Lion's Mane powder (Pekepeke-Kiore). Pictured in-front of fresh New Zealand Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore).

Tested & impactful

Our research partners at Callaghan Innovation independently tested our New Zealand Lion’s Mane mushroom extract. The results indicate that our sample contained Erinacines A, G, (B) & Hericenones A, J.

To read more directly from studies, as well as our independent test report, see Our Research page.

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New Zealand Lion’s Mane

Nature has had its own ChatGPT for centuries — delivered by the wood-wide web of mycelium.

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