Misty New Zealand native forest emphasising that Mynd is grown in Aotearoa


Welcome to New Zealand’s first mushroom farm dedicated to brain health. Mynd has produced the first scientifically-tested native New Zealand mushroom supplement. We cultivate premium, pure New Zealand mushrooms as a natural alternative for brain health and performance.

In a market where 99% of mushroom supplements are imported from overseas, we do things differently. Mynd grows native New Zealand mushrooms, harvested fresh from our mushroom farm in Raglan.

Mynd was the brainbaby of one of New Zealand’s largest gourmet mushroom farms, Mushrooms by the Sea. Four years dedicated to growing and studying New Zealand Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) culminated in our production breakthrough, our unique Mynd Method. This shaped a product that embodies the innate wisdom of nature with scientific innovation.

Our commitment to science-driven development led us to partner with government research agency, Callaghan Innovation. Together, we tested and demonstrated the efficacy of our New Zealand Lion's Mane mushroom extract against globally leading Lion's Mane products. The results indicate that it is the first of its kind to contain both Erinacines and Hericenones. These bioactive compounds can support brain health, function and protection.

We've carefully harnessed the essence of native New Zealand Lion's Mane, offering individuals a natural brain boost to thrive in their pursuits.

Our Team

Headshot of Sean Mills, Science and Production lead at Mynd


Science & Production

Co-owner and operator of successful mushroom farm, Mushrooms by the Sea. Hailing from a long line of scientists, Sean specialises in the intricate world of saprophytic mushroom cultivation and is the brains behind our production. A loving husband and proud step-father who is passionate about winning his weekly disc golf league.

Headshot of Dana Gray, Product and Design Lead at Mynd


Product & Design

Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki, Ngā Puhi. Dana is a product specialist and designer with a background in social innovation. Among other ventures, she has led a successful product design studio, collaborating with some of New Zealand's most innovative companies. She is an avid adventurer, surf photographer and peanut butter enthusiast.

Headshot of Emily Eldin, Operations Lead at Mynd



With an extensive background in hospitality, Emily combines her deep understanding of food, flavours, and people to orchestrate our operations. She is also Co-owner of established mushroom farm, Mushrooms by the Sea. Emily translates this expertise to ensure exceptional quality is at the heart of our operations. When she's not telling the team what to do, you will find Emily in her vegetable garden, managing her more obedient team of plants.

Headshot of Fraser McConnell, Product and Marketing Lead at Mynd


Product & Marketing

Fraser is a product leader. A serial founder, known for his success in his environmental ventures. He has also led a prominent product design studio working with some of NZ’s leading tech companies. He is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and his past successes saw him as finalist for 2020’s Young New Zealander of the Year. With a doughnut, Fraser is all smiles, but beneath the sugary surface he holds a triple black-belt in Taekwondo.

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