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Jar of Mynd's New Zealand Lion's Mane mushroom powder held in hand

Better brain. Better results.

Our New Zealand Lion’s Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) is your brain boost for optimised productivity and creativity.

Deep work, presentations or creative endeavours. Mynd helps your brain flex its intellectual biceps.

Our Science
Mynd's NZ Lion's Mane mushroom powder being used in a mug of cocao

Your mental edge, all day

Enduring focus in the afternoon without the caffeine jitters. New Zealand Lion’s Mane is your teaspoon of mental clarity.

WARNING: May cause overachievement

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100% Natural
New Zealand Grown

Loved by our community

Mynd's New Zealand Lion's Mane mushroom powder pictured with fresh NZ Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore) in a natural New Zealand environment

Proudly grown in Aotearoa

Why buy jet-lagged mushroom supplements from overseas when you can get the best locally grown?

Born from one of NZ’s largest gourmet mushroom farms, Mynd is the outcome of a breakthrough cultivation method resulting in bioactive rich mushroom extracts.

About us
New Zealand grown, Fresh NZ Lion's Mane (Pekepeke-Kiore)

The Smart Mushroom

Our science suggests that our New Zealand Lion’s Mane is the first Pekepeke-Kiore mushroom extract to contain both Erinacines and Hericenones. These bioactive compounds can support brain health, function and protection.

Boasting the same key bioactive compounds, it is the cool Kiwi cousin to the popular Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

Our Science

Invest in your brain health

Studies indicate that regular consumption of Erinacines and Hericenones can safeguard nerve cells from damage and degeneration. Legend has it, this was Benjiman Button’s secret…

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