New Zealand Lion's Mane

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New Zealand Lion's Mane

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Pekepeke-Kiore mushroom extract 75g

Meet the first scientifically-tested native New Zealand mushroom supplement. Mynd's NZ Lion's Mane powder is cultivated for brain health and performance. It can be used to aid focus, memory & cognition. The Smart Mushroom.


Meet the first scientifically-tested native New Zealand mushroom supplement. Mynd's NZ Lion's Mane (100% Pekepeke-Kiore mushroom extract) is cultivated for brain health and performance. The Smart Mushroom.

It can be used to aid:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Cognition
  • Nerve growth

In a market where 99% of mushroom supplements in New Zealand are imported from overseas, we do things differently. Mynd grows native New Zealand mushrooms, harvested fresh from our mushroom farm in Raglan.

Each batch undergoes a spa day of careful drying and heat treatment to retain its natural potency. Our unique cultivation technique, The Mynd Method, results in a bioactive rich extract. We pride ourselves on maintaining the purity of our product from our farm to your cup (zero additives).

Also known as Hericium Novae-Zealandiae, it is the cool kiwi cousin of the renowned Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

Our research partners at Callaghan Innovation independently tested our extract under the mushroom microscope and the results indicate that it is the first of its kind to contain both Erinacines and Hericenones. These bioactive compounds can support brain health, function and protection. The same key bioactive compounds that are responsible for its cousin’s neurological benefits.

A quarter teaspoon in your beverage or food of choice is all you need for a day of mental clarity and continued brain health.

To see more of the science behind our New Zealand Lion’s Mane, see Our Science page.

To read more directly from the studies, as well as our independent test report, see Our Research page.


100% Pekepeke-Kiore extract (Hericium Novae-Zealandiae)*

*Pekepeke-Kiore fruiting bodies (85%) and mycelia (15%) (Full-spectrum, heat extract.)

Serving suggestion

Serving size: ¼ teaspoon (1g)

Servings per jar: 75

Recommended adult dosage: 1 – 2g daily.

Directions: Stir 1 – 2g (¼ – ½ teaspoon) into any beverage or food of your choice once per day.

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Goodbye Brain fog, hello me!

Brain fog has become my everyday existence following burnout, baby, then perimenopausal changes. I was so sick of existing in a soup rather than thriving in the world. Something had to change.
I'd been hearing about lions mane for about a year before I stumbled across Mynd. Really pleased to see a NZ producer. Ordering easy, delivery was quick, and within a few hours of the first dose in a hot chocolate, the fog lifted! I was a bit skeptical this was just placebo, but I've been using it for just over a week now, and no sign of the dreaded fog returning. I've noticed i'm consuming less calories too, as i am not eating constantly to perk myself up. Will this help with the middle age spread ? Heres hoping!

Ed Hackney
Awesome customer support and product!

Awesome customer support, great product, cool branding, all the energy and focus without the caffeine crashes. Looking forward to seeing the longer term benefits from daily use, highly recommend!

dont mind the mynd

excellent delivery service , i was sceptical , would mynd do what is claimed , as so many natural health remedies do not , i am pleased to say three weeks in i am sleeping better and my mind is definitely sharper , my main reason for buying mynd is its reported properties for nerve rejuvenation this if it makes any difference will take more time , i suffered nerve damage after a spine operation . i am 72 and feel that i have more energy sleep and focus all improved .

More clarity

I feel so much better and my mind clearer, no fog like I used to have. I have purchased a subscription now for my next delivery as I don't want to be missing out.